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Clement Leibovitz

Full Name: Clement Leibovitz
Number of Works: 4
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ISBN: 0919433219, 9780919433212
Keywords: god, memoirs
Pages: 219
Published: 1984
ISBN: 0853459991, 9780853459996
Keywords: collusion, hitler, chamberlain, time
Pages: 256
Published: 1997

Clement Leibovitz and Alvin Finkel challenge the familiar understanding of Munich as the product of a naive "appeasement" of Nazi appetites. They argue that it was the culmination of cynical collaboration between the Tory government and the Nazis in the 1930s.
ISBN: 1550285785, 9781550285789
Keywords: collusion, hitler, chamberlain
Pages: 326
Published: 1997

Was Neville Chamberlain merely naïve, a man of peace who was blind to Hitler's warlike intentions in the late 1930s? Or did he, with the backing of much of Britain's ruling elite, positively prefer Nazism to the threat of Communism in a politically charged era? Alvin Finkel and Clement Leibovitz forcefully maintain the latter view. They present irrefutable evidence that in 1938 Chamberlain's government, supported by powerful business interests and an influential segment of the press, sought an agreement with the Nazis that would protect the west against attack while positively encouraging Ge