Hitler-Chamberlain Collusion

Authors: Alvin Finkel
Publisher: The Merlin Press Ltd
Keywords: collusion, chamberlain, hitler
Pages: 326
Published: 1997-05-22
Language: English
Category: England, Europe, History,
ISBN-10: 085036468X     ISBN-13: 9780850364682
Binding: Paperback
List Price: Unknown
Introduction by Christopher Hitchens


Chapter 1. The Myth of Appeasement

Chapter 2. An Obsession with Communism

Chapter 3. Heil to the Dictators

Chapter 4. Letting Hitler Rearm: Evolution of the Free Hand (From 1933 to the Nazi Occupation of the Rhineland)

Chapter 5. Preparing for a Formal Deal: From the Rhineland to the Abandonment of Czechoslovakia

Chapter 6. Formal Collusion: The Chamberlain-Hitler Meetings

Chapter 7. From Munich to the Fall of Prague: Trying to Maintain "The Deal"

Chapter 8. Trying to Save the Deal: From the Guarantee of Poland to 1940

Chapter 9. A Confusion of Enemies

Appendix. The Historians and the Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion


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