Computer Network Security:Theory And Pra

Author: 王杰, 王杰
Publisher: 高等教育出版社
Pages: 384
Published: 2008-09-01
Language: Chinese
Category: PC安全, PC机, 家庭与计算机, 计算机与互联网,
ISBN-10: 7040241625     ISBN-13: 9787040241624
Binding: 精装 (第1版)
List Price: 48.00 CNY
《Computer Network Security:Theory and Pra》 introduces to the reader a complete and concise view of network security. It provides in-depth theoretical coverage of recent advancements and practical solutions to network security threats. This book can be used for a one-semester network security course for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, as well as a reference for IT professionals.

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